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Serving Short-Line Equipment Manufacturers Across Industries

We proudly serve independent equipment and attachment manufacturers in Western Canada across key industries including agriculture, construction, forestry, and landscaping. While our short-line manufacturer partners are busy developing niche solutions for improved efficiencies, we’re here to help them reach their end customers in every industry. 

Agriculture Industry

Hay Rakes & Bale Handling Equipment

From bale wrappers and bale carriers from Anderson to Twinstar and Pequea hay rakes, our agriculture equipment manufacturers offer unique solutions for raking and bale handling. Equipment like the Accumagrapple from Maxilator or Marcrest’s bale handling equipment helps farmers gather and carry hay with less labour. 

Tillage & Cultivation Equipment

Find equipment options for field tillage, from full-till to strip-till to no-till, with Kelly Diamond Harrows, Fieldking Rotary Tillers, Remlinger’s Cultivator, and more.

Seeders & Spreaders

Herd offers a variety of seed and fertilizer spreaders for ATVs, UTVs, or with a 3-point hitch for optimal coverage in hard-to-reach places while Kasco’s seeders are compatible with skid steers or available as a pull-type seeder. 

Grain Handling Equipment

Industry-standard grain bag loading and unloading equipment systems from Loftness and Richiger help farmers save time and labor. Kirchner Machine offers grain bag rollers and other attachments for tractors, skid steers, and telehandlers to move grain yields with ease.

Landscape Industry

Sprayer Attachments for Zero Turn Mowers, ATVs, and UTVs

Tide Industries offers sprayer attachments designed for zero-turn mowers, side-by-sides, and ATVs or UTVs and are compatible with most popular equipment brands. 

Flail mowers

Available as attachments for a variety of tractor sizes and skid steer varieties, Ferri’s flail mower attachments, hydraulic flail mowers, and offset/inline slope flail mowers are equipped to handle even the toughest landscapes.

Snow Handling Equipment

Smyth Welding offers high-quality, specialized snow blowers and front-mount snowblower attachments as well as other snow and material handling equipment.

Construction Industry

Rock Pickers

Whether it’s prepping road foundations or clearing fields, rock pickers help to remove stones and other solid objects from all types of soil. Find a variety of sizes of pull-type rock pickers from Kivi-Pekka. Loftness also manufactures an EZ Pick Rock Picker for Skid Steers to get those rock picking jobs done easily and efficently.

Ditching Equipment

From 3-point hitch ditchers to offset ditchers to side arm ditchers and beyond, Hurricane Ditcher Co. offers high-quality, efficient equipment for ditching, terracing, and waterway development. Improve drainage in ditches, fields and many other applications with the Loftness Ditcher. Heavy-duty construction, easy operation and adjustable performance makes this ditcher a superior choice for water control.

Bucket Attachments

TMW Attachments, NM Attachments, and Notch Manufacturing offer bucket attachments for a variety of construction applications compatible with skid steer, compact tractors, and other equipment. Mapleside Mfg Inc. also offers many bucket and box blade attachments for skid steers and tractors.

Post Drivers

Applicable for both the agriculture and construction industries, Danuser and Big Jim Manufacturing both offer heavy-duty post pounders (post drivers).  Get a Danuser Hammer in Skid Steer or Euro Mount and a Big Jim in trailer type and 3-point hitch varieties. 

Forestry Industry

Mulchers & Stump Grinders

Baumalight manufactures a wide variety of solutions for the forestry industry, including brush mulchers, stump grinders, tree pullers and saws, auger drives, and more. Available as attachments for skid steers and tractors, the applications of Baumalight equipment go beyond just forestry. Loftness manufactures a complete line of tree mulchers for skid steers, excavators, prime movers and tractors. They also offer a stump grinder, tree trimmer, flail mowers and a ditcher.

Contact us to learn more about purchasing equipment from one of our manufacturer partners or sign up to become an official dealer distributor of our manufacturers.

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