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Loftness Agriculture
and Attachments

Loftness US Attachments is a leading manufacturer of equipment and attachments for use in the agricultural, commercial and forestry industries.

Grain Bag Loaders | Grain Bag Unloaders | Grain Bag Baler
Fertilizer Spreaders | Crop Shredders | Tree Mulchers
Flail Mowers | Rock Pickers | Ditchers | Stump Grinders

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10' Grain Bagging System Brochure 

Bad Ax Skid Steer Brochure

12' Grain Bagging System Brochure 

Battle Ax Skid Steer & Prime Mover Brochure

Fertilizer Equipment Brochure 

Battle Ax Excavator Brochure

Crop Shredders Brochure 

Flail Mower Brochure

EZ-Pik Rock Picker Brochure 

Cool Flow Brochure

Ditcher Brochure 

Kwik-Trim Brochure (mechanical trimmer)


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