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Loftness Agriculture
and Attachments

Loftness US manufactures high-quality products of agricultural, commercial, and forestry industries. At Adair, we offer a diverse selection of Loftness products including grain bag loaders, unloaders, balers, fertilizer spreaders, crop shredders, tree mulchers, flail mowers, rock pickers, ditchers, and stump grinders to help you maximize your efficiency and productivity.

Grain Bag Loaders | Grain Bag Unloaders | Grain Bag Baler
Fertilizer Spreaders | Crop Shredders | Tree Mulchers
Flail Mowers | Rock Pickers | Ditchers | Stump Grinders

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10' Grain Bagging System Brochure 

Bad Ax Skid Steer Brochure

12' Grain Bagging System Brochure 

Battle Ax Skid Steer & Prime Mover Brochure

Fertilizer Equipment Brochure 

Battle Ax Excavator Brochure

Crop Shredders Brochure 

Flail Mower Brochure

EZ-Pik Rock Picker Brochure 

Cool Flow Brochure

Ditcher Brochure 

Kwik-Trim Brochure (mechanical trimmer)

Stump Ax Brochure


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